This Ancient Fire

by Ninth & Final

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released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Ninth & Final Vancouver, Washington

Hello! Ninth & Final is an Adventure Rock music project founded in Vancouver, WA.The music is often compared to the space/synth rock of bands like Angels & Airwaves, Mutemath, and U2. Check it out! :)

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Track Name: Close
A red sky on a summers night
A soft breeze in the starlight
She walks towards me
And I am frozen

People try not to stop and stare
Green eyes flowers in her hair
The sunrise tries
But can't compare

Your hand in mine
We draw near to find
The world inside our eyes
Reflects a pale moon rise

Ill sleep tonight
Surrounded by
What's out there, who knows?
Im looking for her heart
And Im close

Slow motion reaching out for me
Her curls are swaying in the summer breeze
She grabs a hold and takes control

There's no one that Ill ever know
In all the places I could ever go
That moves just like she does

The world blurs as I fade away
Hopelessly in her energy
I think Ill stay just for the night
Track Name: Lucky Me
A feeling that creeps up
Or a shiver down my spine
But I still want to be there
Yeah I want to be there

I get up, Im knocked down
Seeing stars this time
Im just lost in my mind
Circles in my mind

Break down the walls
The light is coming in
Its coming in

Im lost and found
And Ill sing a lullaby
Then Ill climb all the clouds
I climb all the clouds

I open my eyes
To a brand new sound
The rain is falling down
The rains coming down
Track Name: Empire
I grew up in just another town
Just another face in the background
I never knew that what was deep in me
Was like a burning fire that could set me free
And I never really cared
Until I met her

All the friends I had and the memories made
Yeah I hold them close to this very day
All the times Ive loved and been let down
It always seemed to come around
And I never really cared
Until I met her

I still call your name, even though you're not there
Thats cause I still love you, tell me how is that fair
Yeah I built you an empire, a place of your own
You could always go there, so you'd never be alone
Yeah thats alright

I was curious and full of dreams
Always stuck in between
She was beautiful and quiet too
Longing for the life she knew
And she never really said
I've never dreamt it

It's another story of boy meets girl
It's another crack in a broken world
She's got fire yeah she's got soul
She's got fight that could tame a wolf
Everything I've ever loved
Is somewhere in her

I still call your name, even though you're not there
Thats cause I still love you, tell me how is that fair
Yeah I built you an empire, a place to call home
You could always go there, so you'd never feel alone

Yeah I said I loved you, that I really cared
You said please don't leave me, oh please I'm scared
I stood beside you to take what you couldn't bare
You said you found the one but I don't think that I was there
And thats not right
Track Name: Andromeda
She waits for me now
In a field at the edge of town
And her back is on the ground
We watch the stars fall down

Here in the night
We dance across the sky
And all the light inside
Shines out through your bright eyes

Andromeda, reigning far above
I can feel the love inside you
Andromeda I'm not strong enough
Oh I need your love, I'm beside you

High above the ground
There is a city in the clouds
Somewhere else no one has found
Where the rain just cant fall down

There is a boy in a crowd
And his feet are firm on the ground
You'd never know by the look on his face
But his heart is in outer space
Track Name: The Designer
I know that I, I know that I
I never should have even tried
Cause now I feel this way again
And I just can't pretend anymore

Please don't let this get inside your head
I never should have stopped to tell you that I love you
So I'm not sorry, not today
I put these things deep away in my soul

All your tears falling down
Soak te graves int he ground
Fly away just to find her
In the great designer

I see the sun go down again
The stars and moon come out again my old friends
A picture is worth a thousand words
But you've heard a thousand words before

Its like Im running round the dark
Im swimming in the ocean looking for a shark
The mountains call and I respond
The only place that I belong is there with you

I belong with you
Track Name: Ace
I see the sun, I see the stars, I see the moon
I know the evidence, I know its coming soon
It's so long since Ive been there

Im hoping one day, nothing else will see my life
I know the pure, i know the fire deep inside
And this ancient love is burning out bright

And breathe the light from the stars
Its taking it away
Dont you ever want to know, the light in you heart
Its taking me away

It seems Ive sung the same old song the same old tune
And here I am digging deep inside of you for your love
In your eyes

Im searching high, Im searching low and in between
Im searching all of the faces Ive seen
And its no where to be found
Track Name: Diamond Wings
Across a distant world
There comes a voice I heard
I dream in lock and key
Of all the things that I could set free
I need to see
Now Im looking where I don't belong

Boiling underneath me
Spirit please release me to the end
The mountains and the night
The stars and sunlight they say
Track Name: Wild Eye (Interlude)
Track Name: Yellow Light
I see a house on a hill
The pouring rain and a girl by a window sill
Its between day and night
All the rooms in the house filled with yellow light
Its another time

With all the voice thats left
Ill try and do my best
To tell you how I feel
I don't know whats real
So Im letting go

Miles of clouds in the sky
Somewhere out there is a world thats passing by
A dream of pure bliss
Heaven must be just like this
Just like this
Track Name: Night Drive
Bliss surrounds me as we drive
A thousand moments running through my mind
Ive never felt so alive
I cant wait to dream tonight

Another mile down the road
My heart was pounding in the cold
In that moment I don't know
If I wanted to go home

Time blurs and now I see
That nothing could be better
At the edge of our dream
Its you and I forever

Turn the key and shut the lights
But I don't want to go inside
So take me somewhere far away
Where we can set the night ablaze

On the edge holding me
Pull me close feel me breathe
Take the time and tell me how
You turned my whole world upside down
Track Name: Old Stars
Here in between
All the spaces that I see
I find you and you find me
Where are hearts is where well be

So take me as I am
Take my hand, come with me
There is a land, where all I need is all you have
And we are free

When there is nothing thats real
Its gonna change the world
Its gonna make you feel

When theres nothing that left
Its gonna take your breathe
And leave you all alone

Oh my god I just cant try
To be loved, to be right
I don't know whats inside

So you open up deep in me
Something new, something free
That I need, yes you saved me
Track Name: Western Winds
The wind is like a melody
Spreading warmth
Like a fire deep in me

The sky is like a symphony
Millions of stars
In perfect harmony

All the dreams that fill the night
I clearly see
In the blood red fire light

Dreams of purest love inside my mind
Calling in
Form another place in time

Im hoping one day I can see
All the shapes
And the colors haunting me

I reach out and Ill hold them close
All the things
I truly love the most

I hear them
They're calling
My name
I see them
They're moving
Into the wind

Feel it in my bones
Im so old
I can try to feel
But Im fading
Im wasting
Im afraid this is goodbye
Track Name: Great Spirit
Track Name: This Ancient Fire
Even if youre lost
You cant loose the love
Because its in your heart

Even if you fall into the dark
Don't cry youll tear yourself apart
Tear yourself apart

Even if youre lost
You cant loose the love
Because its in your heart

Even if you fall into the dark
Don't look youll tear yourself apart
Tear yourself apart

Even if youre scared
Youre not alone
Ive been here with you from the start

Even at the end
Its just a dream
Come find me here among the stars

A billion hearts that beat below
And this cosmic love will always flow

Earth has the moon
Sun as the stars
Wind has the rain
And you've got my heart